There was a little girl who loved to sing... But that is not how this story goes! 

I had no idea that I would be making music and playing with a band, but life reveals it`s mysteries in the most uncommon way. So, no, I didn`t find music, music found me instead. The same way as I don`t write songs, they just come out the way they are. I am their... radio, if you will! 

And as the music came, it can also go. This is my path now, and as grateful as I am to be on it, I try to keep in mind that the path can change. I am who I am, regardless. 

Also, I try to be my true self, but as I don`t really know myself (duuh), through this whole process I see myself unraveling in front of my eyes. I am getting to know and understand and accept and love myself along the way. That is the most beautiful gift I got from my music. 

And I am also lucky beyond words to have amazing musicians right next to me from whom I learn so much, and they are Marin Živković on saxophone, Luka Čapeta on guitar, Marko Ferlan on doublebass and Borko Rupena on drums. 

We make the studio version of Things You Can`t Put Your Finger On sound like it was infused with a new life and personality. 

Come and meet us! 

Love, M.

Photo: Jakov Lerotić